you never want to listen until you have to listen and then you hear nothing

8:12 PM


I may have been able to take every metal bullet you've thrown my way with ease
But there comes a time where my armor isn't going to be strong enough and I will have to actually duck
I may have been the naive one but you
With your nimble actions and your deft words had a certain agenda that was created to make girls like me succumb easily
I own up to my shit, you fucking don't
There is carnage you've left everywhere and what you don't know is that we all silently compare war wounds when you're not looking
We all have a common bruise and that builds a certain bond where we take care of our own
I sometimes wonder why my loyalties continue to lie with those that so easily throw my conditions aside
I pick and pick and pick and take and take and take and I come up empty every single fucking time
I know what needs to be done but it takes a soulless person to drag the string for me to chase
I have a soul so I continue to let you suck on it, among other things
I feel like I did when I was 21 and following someone else's string
And I chased
Maybe things don't ever change
I hope for your sake I'm wrong
It's time for you to do your part and I can't be your crutch anymore
I can't protect you and you can't hide behind me
This is the final attempt you have to make your shit right
This is your rock bottom
But we both know if you don't, the cellar door is right there waiting

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