sunday thought bubbles 10.8.2017

9:23 PM


To say I was busy this weekend would be a lie but to say I was lazy this weekend would also be a lie. I left the house a few times for things but otherwise, I was glued to my computer catching up on work while horror movies played in the background. I find this to be something I always claim to do every Halloween but I never commit. I'll watch a movie here and there, but to have them in a constant rotation in the background of cleaning, writing, organizing, etc., is so much better than I thought. I find I don't have enough Halloween decor but somehow I made it work. Candles count, right? I also re-arranged some furniture and though it wouldn't work if I had more than myself living here, but hey, it's just me so I like it to feel cozy and warm. I've got that down. This week could go one of two ways depending on how I decide to feel tomorrow. I'll figure that out as it comes but I think I am going to do my best to stay busy and also take some time to go through all the jumbled thoughts in my head and sort them out. That could also go one of two ways. Hmm.

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