halloween is the best day according to me

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I've really tried to win the Halloween game year after year and truthfully I feel I've done a decent job overall. I like being scary, not slutty. I have nothing against slutty Halloween costumes, I just always end up looking ridiculous if I try to go that route so I'd rather just throw some blood on and call it a day. This year I'm going as something not everyone will know, but those that do will appreciate. I figure I'd like to archive some of my best so why not put this out there for all to see? Or, for me to remember and to avoid any repeats.

We begin with one Grady twin from The Shining (the best holiday movie of all time) and even if I didn't have another to co-costume with, this is my favorite to date.

As Samara from The Ring, I had to buy posterboard and white out to make a legit well around my office chair.  Kids wouldn't even trick or treat at my desk.  I guess I pulled this off.  I didn't wash my hair for a week leading up to this day and needless to say, it probably smelled horrible.

Way back when I went as Daria Morgendorffer, though everyone thought I was Zooey Deschanel.  I was really upset about that.

The year I had to dye my hair red because I tried to go blond and failed, Chucky was an obvious choice.

And last year I acquired a rather fun, intended to be slutty, Top Gun costume with a Goose name tag.  Because I have to make it spooky I decided to go as Goose after his plane crash death. Bonus points for the mustache.

This years?  It's gonna be great.

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