the introduction to the hoodie...a teaser of some things to expect in the memoir that probably no one will read

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I figure every so often I'm going to post snippets from the book I'm writing.  I'm not sure why, maybe it's to tease or maybe it's to entice, but it very well could be that I just have some pretty great junk in there and I want some of it clarified now.  This is a good one.

"I have this hoodie. It’s a men’s gray hoodie from Abercrombie and Fitch and it has a giant hole in the chest that my head could fit through. It’s one of my pride and joys and even if I end up getting married again and I’m forced to part with tokens from past relationships, I will fight for this hoodie. It fits me perfectly and it keeps me warm (despite the hole), so clearly I wouldn’t leave it if I had to. I may even sleep in it next to the man I’ll be dating in the future because it’s just that significant to me.

Okay. It wasn’t my hoodie to begin with, I think that’s clear. It was gifted to me after three years of pining over it, pretty much assuming it was gone from my life forever. It showed up on the front seat of a Lexus as a complete surprise, smelling of Pi cologne. It is probably the greatest treasure I’ve ever received from a boy, and I once got an engagement ring after doping up my boyfriend on cold medicine and driving him to the mall! Sorry, ex-husband, this hoodie is a bit more sentimental and as rugged as it is, it’s still lasted longer than the diamonds in that ring. That aren’t real diamonds anymore because I got sick of replacing the real ones every time they fell out, but that’s beside the point.

Knowing now that I’m the proud owner of said hoodie (and probably wondering how I acquired it permanently), this is why it will never be tossed into the Goodwill pile no matter how many holes it manifests or how stretched out it becomes or the fact that it doesn’t smell like men's cologne anymore (which I’m sure anyone that dates me in the future will be grateful of). It is the lingering strength of my exit from high school and a reminder that I’m going to get worn and forgotten at times and possibly lose my potent fragrance. I still deserve a good home, even if that is in a drawer during the summer months. I imagine a lot of what I leave behind in relationships gets left in drawers, be it literally or metaphorically. Either way, I make a fucking impression...and I fit in well with your casual basics."

-One Nightstand, a novel by Jordan

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