sample kisses (2005)

2:00 PM


I love when I stumble upon my old words and find that they still sting.

Cool and collected, that's what I thought. It's hard to show your emotions when you don't even know how to speak.

Cigarette in hand, you take a long sip of your drink. It's hard, on the rocks, just like you.

The room reminds me of a supermarket on a Saturday: cluttered and full of people not sure what they want, but sampling a little bit of everything. Tasting what the people have to offer. Liking some, discarding others. It's sick the way some people take everything for granted.

Not you. You're reserved. You sample with your eyes, but not with your mouth. Your eyes can tell everyone exactly what you think of people. If you like them, they water If you don't, they close.

Everyone turn out the lights, it's time to get dark, let your personality shine through your peacoat.

The drink starts to take its toll and you move from your quiet corner over to the center of the room. Many people notice and they like it. They approach you and even still, you sip your drink and suck your cigarette.

I've watched you this time. You've noticed, and like it.

Maybe I should get a drink.

When I move, you move. You look at me as if I just invaded your territory Now it's on. I brush it aside, it's not my problem. I can move where I want, I've got no one to report to.

We meet, although you don't acknowledge me at first. I figured you wouldn't.

"Nice drink." Nothing. I walk away. It's as simple as that,

"You, too." You raise your drink to your mouth and sip Your eyes water. You lick the gin from your lips and turn away, walking back to your corner. You accomplished a small conversation. Welcome to the outside of your comfort zone.

I smile, knowing very well how uncomfortable that must have been for you. Don't thank me, thank your drink.

I look back your way and see you looking at me again. You raise your drink to your lips, but this time, instead of sucking any liquid you kiss the rim. Never has anything been so sexy

My eyes water.

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