kamikazes...and i'll have seconds (2005)

10:42 PM


Remember when I had a crush on the quiet boy that wore purple shirts under red sweaters?  Yeah, me neither.

Seeing panes of glass shred through my colored top.
I now know it's not only hearts that shatter.
Today I had a realization:
That purple shirts and purple bruises aren't the only things we have in common.
Actions speak louder than words - this time.
But that's not something I would brag about.
The innocence of your laughter,
The casual way you say my name,
The simple smile you offer,
And the margarita you order just to tolerate an actual conversation,
Change my mind about you every time.
I'm not sure how I see you.
When you speak I hold my breath.
You're so hard to read.
If walls could talk, they'd talk about you.
If you were a color, you'd be smoke.
If confusion were allowed, it would be your profession.
A fan of the cliche, superficiality is the new quiet.
Putting on a show is what they cool kids do, you fit into their circle.
Knock another one back, I'll wait.
Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction?
Would you like to?
Awkward silences on the drive home are our specialty,
But not before we talk in spurts.
A loud one, a quiet one, a loud one.
We mix it up.
A smile can say a thousand phrases.
In your case, only three.
That one is personal.

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