i have always really enjoyed making lists

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Let's also use the oldest, weirdest photo I could find.

I stumbled across my old blog in an effort to find some previous essays I needed for my portfolio and lo and behold the rabbit hole began. I may be posting snippets of what was said there here and elaborating on how things have changed so drastically since then. I'm going to start here because I've always had an affinity for lists.

*originally written 12.5.2012

Things I Cannot Change
(updates in parenthasis)

1. I will always have huge thighs and no butt. Thanks, ballet. (well, the thighs are long gone but the butt stuff still rings true)
2. I will never like fish. (i can choke down shrimp sometimes)
3. My inner-feminist. I'm too strong minded, though often I pretend not to be. (i'm so anti-feministish now it's hilarious)
4. I don't know what "off sides" means. I have a sister that plays soccer. (still don't)
5. I become obsessive about very stupid things very frequently. (still do)
6. My laptop must always be a 10-key. (ALWAYS even if it costs me more money)
7. I will always want to be a writer, though I will probably never finish a novel. (well, i finished the original manuscript, does that count? actively working on the revisions now)
8. I procrastinate. (yup)
9. I take things personally a lot, though I know I shouldn't. I'm very emotional. (YUP)
10. I will always shop when I'm stressed, even if it's just a bag of candy.
11. I will always hoard tea. (basically, but now i also hoard granola. specifically nature's path peanut butter)
12. As much as it pains me, I sometimes covet things I don't have. (oh yeah)
13. I will always like used things: clothing, furniture, coffee mugs. Sure it's trendy to be "vintage" but I grew up with second-hand things as a means of saving money and it's carried over. Also, I like knowing that these things have a history. (mostly yes, especially if i want "nice" things)
14. My love for Garth Brooks. I can't explain it, but he means the world. (finally saw him and this is still very true)
15. I wish I could take better photos, but I do what I can. (i have perfected my selfie angle)

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