give me blackberry or give me death

4:40 PM


You came in and asked if you could hold my iPhone.  At the time I thought it was because you were genuinely curious about this new development in technology.  Now I know that it was because you were genuinely curious about me.

For seven years we've been best friends
You've served my every need
You taught me how to properly text
on the keyboard called QWERTY
I stood by you though the darkest of times
When everyone said "peace out"
You were my indestructible brick
I knew what you were about
But recently my thoughts have changed
When I upgraded to new
No longer did you reach the bar
It made me feel so blue.
So at this time I say goodbye
Because I've felt so alone
My replacement comes in the mail today
I welcome you iPhone

Jordan Shutt 9/21/12

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