sunday thought bubbles 8.13.2017

7:55 PM


Today I spent on my couch mostly, copying and pasting Livejournal entries from 2004 forward. It's strange to relive that much history in an afternoon, but at the same time, I'm really glad I have a reference guide to the majority of my 20's. Otherwise today, Rayce and I did breakfast and caught up and I was really sad that I ordered the three-meat omelet instead of the spanish omelet as planned. It still turned out to be tasty and was a nice accompaniment to my $3 orange juice. I really am not looking forward to working tomorrow, mostly because I'd rather spend the day with my laptop, now that I have all of these ideas in my head for upcoming projects. I do have some articles to write and some tv to watch and I'd like to finish this book as well, it's kinda got me hooked. I really need to buy paper towels and nail polish. I really need to not give up on my dreams this time. I really need to focus on the fact that so many things have changed recently and I can't do a damn thing about them besides being the weird optimist I am. I get down, and I mean I get dark and twisty and sad, but I never lose the tiny glimmer of hope that exists no matter how likely it seems. I'm emo, that's my thing. Nothing good ever comes to me and I never get the outcome I want or deserve, but then I realize that maybe something good is just around the corner. Wow, this is shit. Why even post it? Well, maybe to prove that I'm not eloquent and clever all the time.


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