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6:32 PM


I'll be honest, we know I get dark sometimes. When I'm super dark, super emo, no one can save me Jordan, I think about not waking up. It's just a thought but the second I think it, a wave of relief floods me and I feel temporarily better. Rayce has always told me, "the best thing in the world may happen to you tomorrow" and I hate him for that because it actually works. I immediately snap out of it and think, "well fine, maybe tomorrow will be okay" and 9/10 times it is. That one time, I'm usually too emotionally exhausted to care so I go on anyway.

My point is, yesterday was a shit day. There will be an elaboration, but it was a shit, shit, shit day. Then today. Unexpectedly. Brand New. My favorite band ever. Drops a motherfucking album.

I had an inkling one was coming soon, but did not think it would be in my possession on this Thursday. Yet it's here and I'm listening and remember why this band knows my soul better than I do.

I will write about this album. The first in eight years. The album I needed today even if I didn't know it.

The album that may have very well saved my life.


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