8:25 PM


Today was a day. I could say that about all of them, but today was a day. Italics mean something to me and I don’t use them lightly. Much like the words that are spat out uncontrollably on a particular day, and for that, I apologize. I just need a break from the traffic that is my routine so that I can once again remember what it’s like to enjoy typing. Ordinarily it fills me with a completion I can’t get anywhere else, but when it’s day in and day out of click, click, backspace, delete I swallow any joy and focus on the fact that it’s a task.
My eyes burned frequently, but again, that’s nothing new. I’m familiar with that sting and it’s almost easy to ignore. Yet another routine that shouldn’t be a routine. A routine has become another routine, er, a pattern. Like pants I’ll never wear, because I like solid colors.
I. am. so. predictable.

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