weekends are made for falling asleep during cult classics

7:16 PM

As I've written before, I've been a bit of a hermit lately when it comes to weekends. I decided that I need to start "doing more" and by "doing more" I mean still not leaving my house but letting my friends come hang out in it with me.

Friday was not that day.

Friday, I drank some wine, watched Fifty Shades of Grey and hung out for a moment with gaybor. That is my gay neighbor if you didn't know. I have some great gems around this location, I must say.

That night, for no apparent reason I woke up at 2 am. I decided it would be a fantastic time to take Aadi on a walk. As I leave the apartment I hear gaybor call to me from across the parking lot. Again, it's 2 am. His exact words were "your sweater is longer than your shorts, God love you." And he said because of the cocktail he had in his hands, at 2 am, that he wished he could remember this moment because he figured by tomorrow morning it will be a distant memory. Don't worry gaybor, I deliver.

Never forget.

As for Saturday, the wifey and I decided to watch some of our favorite cult classics that the other one had not seen. We settled on her pick, Weird Science and my pick Boondock Saints. Halfway through we made turkey and roast beef sandwiches on cucumbers. It was fairly good, though I realized I'm not the biggest cucumber fan....so I need to make the cucumber "bread" thinner next time. And also, about halfway through the Weird Science I completely crashed.

Sounds about right?

Sunday was none too eventful. I cleaned, I watched some movies, I wrote a letter to a friend I made in Italy last year (a real letter!!) and now I'm getting ready for my Sunday ritual of face mask, wine and chick flick. I toggle between Sex and the City or You've Got Mail though neither are currently speaking to me. Maybe I'll watch Felicity.

This week brings an attitude adjustment. I've been living in the negative lately, more than normal. This was BLATANTLY pointed out to me on Friday and I had the weekend to muse on it. It's true, I'm negative. So, that being said I'm going to try and believe what is said to me, trust people, and not get so hung up on the "...but" or the "...it's just". It'll bring a couple other changes and goals as well, but starting small.

Here's to a fantastic week!

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