the nosering

8:32 AM

This is going to sound extremely dramatic but I'm really not me without my nosering.

Someone recently contested the fact that I have one in a "corporate" setting. Corporate setting meaning you can wear pajamas to work because they're nicer than jeans. Now this is someone I maybe know or maybe I don't know, but either way it's been bothering me since it happened. I haven't plead my case yet, though I intend to, but it made me realize that strangely enough it's a part of me and I wouldn't feel like myself without it.

I ordered a different hoop, one that's easier to take in and out. I ordered a clear stud on the off-chance I'm actually told I need to remove it. I've had it for 10 years, I've met every single person in the company including every higher-up, they all know I've had it, they've never said a word. No one has been bothered by it until apparently now.

Yesterday while trying on dresses I can't afford the new, easy to remove nosering slipped out somehow. I noticed it halfway across the mall bridge and it made me sad. I keep my original stud on hand in case I need to pop something in and I'm glad I had it.

Here is the dramatic part.

I put that damn stud in and I didn't like it. I wore this stud for about 5 years until I switched to the ring, and putting that back in I felt like I wasn't the person I am now. I get it, it's a piece of jewelry, but it really got to me. I walked the whole way home with the stud in praying that I had my original ring still on my sink and could put that in until my new easy to remove but also easy to lose noesrings come in the mail (I ordered 2 this time).

The point is, I've grown to be who I am. That person has a nosering, and weird tattoos, and black hair but wears flowered dresses. So to whoever complained about it for whatever reason, you suck.

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