sonic highways

9:54 PM

I'm sure anyone that knows me is totally sick of me talking about Sonic Highways but I DO NOT CARE. Dave Grohl is a genius and one of my musical soul mates so I can gush about him all I want.

I learned so much from this series. I am beyond sad to see it end. I consider myself a music lover and quite an eclectic one at this, but I found myself seeking out songs and artists I probably never would have considered. Zac Brown Band? Never would have listened to them. Steve Earle? Sure I knew one song, but he apparently has more? Tom Waits is not just a man with a creepy voice? He sings one of my favorite songs. But wait, there's more.

I have to say overall my favorite locations were between Nashville and New York City. Austin would be a close contender, but I found these places to have some of the best interviews and best background stories. Nashville is a huge space for country music (duh) and hearing Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, Steve Earle and Zack Brown sharing their history with the city, all from completely different perspectives made for such a versatile experience, not entirely what I expected. With New York you got your mix of rock, a little pop, some rap and David Bowie (that man fits in a category all of his own complete with unicorn he is probably floating on). With all the folk history Greenwich Village has to offer, there was a good mix of artists from Dylan to Lennon to Simon...interviews with Nora Guthrie, daughter of Woody and LL Cool J and the start of Def Jam records to begin, and then Grohl inviting a family of Foo Fighters fans off the street to check out the studio to bring the episode, and show, to the perfect closing.

Bless you Dave Grohl for doing this, seriously. It was amazing to watch and experience. I did not think I'd love it as much as I did, yet here I am. Bless you.

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