on being an adult

10:21 PM

I'm not really an adult most of the time, that's been established.

I took a step back. I went from being a homeowner (sort of) to being an apartment renter. I went from having lots of responsibility to having a little less responsibility. I mostly hang out with my dog and I had to buy quarters off of a co-worker today so that I could do laundry. I still drink wine at night but my dinner is eaten off of a paper plate. I bought a Christmas tree via text message. I actually spent $200 at Target on things I actually needed with the exception of magnets to hang pictures on my fridge.

Sometimes I struggle with the fact that I come off a little less adult than most people my age, though in some ways I'm a lot more adult. I'm not positive that even makes sense, but I'm going with it. At least tonight I have clean sheets, thanks Jill.

And I have a new Christmas tree, thanks Tammy.

I should just make playlists for a living.

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