2:18 PM

I am feeling feely today. A poem. There are so many metaphors and we always talk about my love of metaphors, don't we?

Metaphors and dots.

If you knew that I would lie here on this dark November morn
Considering nothing but your eyes, your eyes;
Would you laugh with disbelief, surprise,
Remembering how we spoke of calculus and stars
And ruined civilizations and world powers
And their stupid chess games and unwon wars?

And how the innocence of this land may lie
Not in what we think is weakness, but in strength-
(What would they have called us if they thought
They'd found China instead of India-
Mandarins, Mongols, Chinks?)

And how at the end of the evening, Celestial
Tea was served, and I looked into your eyes, your eyes
And considered abandoning politics and poetry
For the dark spirits and spices of your body,
As subtle and alien and intimate and known to me
As you are, who are able
As all multiple and perfect equations are
To bend and break my mind?

I loved you. So sue me. A dozen stars
Went nova. Just like that.

-Gwendolyn MacEwan
apparently knows my soul

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