objects typically appear in better light than you knew that they were

11:45 AM

Turns out there are actually things that you cannot prepare yourself for. You think you're going to be fine and you can handle whatever life happens to throw at you because so far you have. And then there is that moment that you didn't expect. It catches you off-guard and in a setting where you can't even have a proper reaction, and you instantly feel like stabbing your eyeball out with the fork in front of you. You then realize in no way have you been prepared. You think you know yourself and you think you know the situation but if your emotions and nerves come full surface like this over something so small maybe it's time to rethink everything you've been thinking.

But how can you do that with all these feelings that you have? You knew. You knew as soon as you said the words that there wasn't going to be an easy way out. You couldn't turn back. There is a difference between what you want and what is right and they're obviously at the opposite ends of each other. So do you fight for what you want or let go for what is right? Why don't you get a say? There is a big reason why you don't get a say. But you did this. Maybe you are enough but maybe you are just under that bar and it only appears that you're enough. Or maybe you should just throw up and get it over with.

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