consider this, the slip

7:14 PM

Even knowing what I know and feeling what I feel I cannot help but become unable to breath a few times a day because of shit beyond my control. I feel ashamed and embarrassed but why? It does not do any good to worry. It won't change anything. So I worry and worry and worry.

I think I've reached a point where I want the unattainable. I've never been able to achieve a lot of things and I feel like I'm there again, staring and not being able to move. I can't pick a side, my mind is set and my feelings are in. You can't turn back, fuck you don't want to turn back so you wait and wait. And worry and worry.

And in truth with one small whisper or look all of the worry and the waiting goes away and finally you can come up for air.

Rinse. Repeat.

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