100 problems

6:31 PM

Today was a day. That's it. I get to whine because I'm allowed to here.

Don't let people make you feel worthless. Do not let anyone make you feel ashamed of being you and being comfortable in your own skin or body. That's about them, not you. If you're feeling less of yourself remember what makes you awesome. Your musical taste or the fact that you have compassion. Maybe you're really good at the piano and no one knows that? Maybe you have a collection of snow globes with hidden meanings? Maybe you can cook. Think about that for a minute before you go letting another person decide how you should feel about you because the truth of the matter is, they don't mean shit.

As Miley would say, forget the haters 'cause somebody loves ya.

And if you're still feeling like going all Dexter on someone, enjoy some tunes. The Waitress is my favorite.

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