on facing a really lame fear and not being as sore the next day

10:17 AM

Last night I took my first dance class (I mean legit class) in eleven years. And it was outstanding.

One of my oldest friends invited me to join her. Salt Lake City is strangely known for their dance community and recently Millennium Dance Complex brought a studio here to our great city. With that of course comes a bundle of nerves because besides what happens in my living room I have not set foot in a class for over a decade. So yeah, whatever I went.

I was told that there would not be a lot of turns, kicks, aka the hard stuff because it's mostly out of practice dancers like myself and so yeah, I would be fine and it would be great. Well of course the minute we're in there the instructor informs us he's taking a different route with this and incorporating some kicks, turns, a few jumps. I wasn't going to panic, I figured hell I'll just run out of there halfway through if the going gets tough like a total baby, even though I knew I wouldn't. I just felt better thinking it.

Sure, I can't kick like I once could and I fell out of my pirouette a few times but damnit I held my own and kept up and didn't pass out halfway through though I thought I might on several occasions.

So really, that's all I got. I can walk today which surprises me greatly and chances are good I'll revisit next week and maybe it'll be a bit simpler. Or maybe it won't but either way it reminded me how much I love dancing and how I could ever give that up.

And also now I can work out and actually enjoy it. So there's that.

This post is random but I felt the need to write it down in a non-flowy or poetic fashion because sometimes you just do.

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