2008 vs 2014 in the key of hey you

1:58 PM

Six years ago TODAY these were my words:

It was a long weekend. Not a lot to elaborate on unfortunately and I know I've been so MIA it sucks. I'll probably do a real update in a few days I just haven't really felt up to it. I will be going through my friends page in the next little bit though so yay for that.

I'm not back to being emo but I seem to be dabbling there. EW EMO.

(Clearly I haven't changed much.)

So there’s that. Thanks technology/internet for keeping my old feelings REALLY alive.

It is insane how much I can relate to how I felt then. Wanting to magically ask the universe to point out in detail to me how and where I’m supposed to be? It would be nice to have that perspective but I suppose the fun is in figuring it out but I’m a little annoyed by that. Just throw me a bone.

I wasn’t totally wrong, but I don’t think I was right either. But there is a reason that just when I’ve given up everything turns around full circle. I have a few months of thought ahead of me and then either the circle needs to break or be completed. I don’t know why this conclusion hasn’t been reached sooner?

Oh yes I do because I’ve attempted it several times and I keep faltering. So how about this?

Last chance?
(Who am I kidding.)

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