nothing's gonna change my world

1:06 AM

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As it seems when anyone goes through a sort of life changing event, I feel like running away. Not forever, I don't think, but taking some excursions. It's time to get some culture under my belt. I was meant for this, to explore and see the things that are meant to be seen. I may have a rather grand adventure in the works which I cannot wait to discuss soon because it's somewhere I've always wanted to go, and it would be the kick off to a pretty amazing addiction.

I just want to be alone with my backpack and my notebook and some good music in my headphones. I am craving something like that, just to be free of judgement and anything condescending or opinionated. I want to not worry about anything and have the space to leave my mark as it should, before I dive into all of the heavy stuff. I was meant for this.

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