as it's early

12:08 PM

I always have a lot of thoughts early and then by the time I sit down to write them, they've vanished. I can bring them together in pieces but the flow of the original is not there.

And then guess what? I wore spanx yesterday for about 20 minutes and then I couldn't breathe. Does that make me a real lady? I actually don't even need them now, thank you divorce diet! But it was a fun experience.

I'm not sure I believe in signs anymore?

It's Sunday. I love Sunday's. I have a lot of laundry to do, I've already watched The Shining and I think there may be more binging on bad Netflix TV today. Some yoga, some writing, etc.

I will also have some hot tamales.

And maybe this ringing in my head will go away and an honest thought will form and I can write it down in a very non-passive/aggressive way, how would that go?

I like that I can hide here. I'm sure people read it that I want to, and people read it that I don't want to, but that's just what it is when you put your sould out here. I'd rather do that than keep it inside, that's a much more explosive place to be I think.

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