the time when you resort back to your best (and worst) self

8:38 PM

Its amazing how easily old habits return when you're thrown out of your regular routine. Today I might have listened to *Nsync on repeat and planned my next karaoke adventure. I looked up tickets to a Utah Jazz game because it has been entirely too long and I purchased tickets to a few concerts simply because I could. And that little thing right there felt really fucking good.

I'm working on a book. I know, I've said this before and in all honesty it was probably about a different book, but here we are. This one will be THE NOVEL (or will it?) if it kills me. I'll write this in bed, with my wine or a cigarette (not really, but I'm painting a picture here) while I re-read old love letters and listen to a lot of Taking Back Sunday. I may also draw some nautical stars on myself. Just kidding, that's a little bit further back than I would care to revisit, however my hair has been dyed black for about a year, maybe I'm onto something.

Songs, and songs and more songs.


this music's irresistible
your voice makes my skin crawl
innocent and pure
i guess you heard it all before

mister inaccessible
will this ever change
one thing that remains the same
you're still a picture in a frame

lost in this world
i even get lost in this song
and when the lights go down
that is where I'll be found.

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