needy chick

12:39 AM

"Yeah, I was starting to feel like a needy chick."

...moments pass...

"What about dinner? Drinks? ...I'm starting to feel like that chick again."

- Mr. Big

Don't we all, Big? Feel like that needy chick when something you feel like you've waited your entire life for is within fingertip length and because it's actually attainable now, you've become uninteresting? My heart can't help but wrench at the thought of it.

How is it that some things never do change? The things you don't want to change, do, and the things you want to change, don't, and you're left with the same thoughts and feelings (again, no change) and for what? It's not even a bad thing, but it is what you do. It's what you've grown accustomed to. And it probably will just always be.

I feel like I'm missing something. Like there is a base that I haven't covered. Am I really? Does it matter? Is there a Taco Bell near here?

Sometimes you need a craving to rid yourself of the other cravings that you have. It seems like a vicious cycle when in reality its just life. It's just the pain and pleasure that we all deal with in some ways, yet its tapered to meet your specific needs. Your cycle isn't the same as anyone else's so don't even bother asking for advice. It will. not. help. you.

My legs are still my best attribute.

Because they're strong.

And you know what? My heart is, too.

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