ash wednesday

12:14 PM

As a fair-weather Catholic celebrating Lent seems a little odd, but it's one aspect of my religion I have always loved to practice. This year in a few of many, many lifestyle changes I've made the following:

-yoga/meditation for 30 minutes each day (morning preferably)

-giving up fast food, including all sodas.

It's honestly not going to be too hard of a struggle, but I will admit, I've faltered on Lent for many years. With everything else that's been thrown at me this year I figure this is a promise and a dedication that I can make to myself with intention to keep.

Intention. That's a funny word.

I have a lot of intentions, but I often do not pursue them. Isn't that the point of intention? It almost sounds like a date. Oh, yes, you intend on doing such and such, okay, yes, mhmm, I am sure you will follow through. I feel like using that word in a lot of contexts can make you sound like an asshole, however here I am using it. As an asshole.

I DO intend, or believe, or whathaveyou to keep it. I really and truly do. It's time to start taking care of myself and picking up the things I've dropped.

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