i would like, if i may, to take you, on a strange journey

7:44 PM

So that one time that I ended up alone, I felt okay. I feel bad feeling okay, but I can't change it. I am a little anxious, there is some anxiety, I'm really, really stressed, but I'm excited to have my own apartment and random Saturdays browsing creepy shops downtown and more wine (doesn't every girl say that? WINE). I have a lot to accomplish: a book to write, friends to make, pub quizzes to win. As shitty as it began I feel like 2014 may actually be an amazing year. Change can be good if you choose to view it that way, and why not? What else have I got to lose at this point?

In a way my life fell apart beginning a year ago. In another way, it's just beginning now. Does that mean that the past doesn't count? Of course not. I lived and I learned and I'm very thankful for those I've met and those who have influenced me along the way, but it's time for me to be selfish. I want to focus on things I want to do and I'm going to, without hesitation. I have some concerts planned and some trips? I'm going to dye my hair! I have an amazing job and a lot of prospects and I just want to get through the rest of this ordeal with minimal scratches and drunken benders. I don't feel like its too much to ask for.

Or maybe I'll end up at an abandoned castle and do the time warp again.

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    1. That's the best compliment I can get at this moment. Thank you so much for that my love. :]


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